This face

Oh, my dear Miriam. I’m sure every mother feels this way, but I just wish everyone could meet Miri. She’s silly and smiley. Demanding and particular. She’s sweet and cuddly. She’s independent and crazy.

The many faces of my sweet little one…MiriHat-9694 MiriHat-9697 MiriHat-9698 MiriHat-9699 MiriHat-9700


A Mimsy morning

I happen to have the blessing of spending most of my mornings with this sweet girl. Lately we’ve been “cooking cereal” and taking care of “babies.” (to divert her attention from her underlying longing to “watcha Pingu”).

As you can tell she is serious about her meal preparation. 😉


Silly girl – always with a baby by her side.

From the kitchen I heard a strange “snoring” type noise coming from the family room. I found Miri “sleeping” after taking care of 3 babies. Sure is hard work. Maybe she knows how her momma feels. 😉