The photography venture…


This journey began in high school with my dad’s 35mm Canon Rebel taking snapshots for the yearbook. In college I carried my point-and-shoot around snapping dorm life, spring break trips with Habitat for Humanity, and ventures in Baltimore. My graduation gift: my very own SLR. Set on “auto” mode I went about documenting stages of life: new car, first apartment, family birthdays… Fast forward to the birth of my second child. I finally accepted the nudge from friends and family to take my photography to the next level. I gradually broadened my learning, expanded my editing skills, switched to “manual” and never looked back. After considering the portrait photography business world, I’ve peacefully shifted into print art and capturing the life around me.


That said, my aim is to provide quality images that capture life in the moment, the blessings of God’s wonderful creation, the light and life He brings, the beauty and joy.

Ann Voskamp sums it up well, “She decided for art, to make her life art. She would make it all art — it all would be art, worship, a gift back. It all would preach Gospel.” From her blog: One Thousand Gifts


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