Intentional Camera Movement

When you just can’t stay still 🙂

Intentional Camera Movement (ICM) is a photography technique where you slow the shutter speed (so that the shutter is open longer than typically) and while it is open you move the camera. Typically I begin with horizontal or vertical movements but you truly can move in any way (circles, diagonally for example). I usually choose a scene that already has lines and/or textures that will enhance the feel of the scene. One other hint is to close down your aperture (like f/16) in order to balance the exposure. Give it a try and enjoy creating! Without further adieu…

Sunsets/sunrises are a perfect time for ICM with the subdued light and brilliant colors

And here is the iPhone version of this scene which I captured in the CVS parking lot with the Lensbaby Velvet 85.

For this one I moved the camera in a circular motion for a swirl effect.

As I was getting ready to hop back in the car I noticed the sunset reflecting off my car hood, so, of course, I created some abstract art. 🙂

This is the scene.

During the winter months, another subject I like to try is the plants in my home (or fresh flowers if I happen to have them).

This is the actual scene.

One of my other preferred subjects to capture ICM is water.

And here is the actual scene.

I am part of a group of photographers, Share Six, who blog 6 images on the 6th of each month with unique monthly themes. Next up is the talented and creative Kristina of Hello Olivia Photography. Please click HERE for her interpretation of this month’s theme. Then follow around the circle for even more beauty and creativity. ❤

Join us for this month’s theme by posting your “Intentional Camera Movement” images on our Facebook page at Share Six and to our Instagram gallery by tagging #sharesix and #sharesix_intentionalcameramovement. A new theme will be posted on March 6th.


I’m honored to be a Lensbaby Ambassador. Please ask any questions you might have and use my code wwillson for 10% off their website!

Would you like to learn more about ICM? I’m teaming up with Regina Boston of RMBPhotography for a unique in-person photography workshop in historic Harpers Ferry, WV. Spots are limited – grab yours today! CLICK HERE for all of the details!


5 thoughts on “Intentional Camera Movement

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  3. Thank you for sharing Liz. I love sunsets and I really love the soft colors and the softness of the images. I love that you also shared the originals. The abstract art is awesome – It is one of my favorite mediums so these really appeal to me. Thank you for sharing your beautiful art.

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