I’m sure with this title one would anticipate gorgeous scenery and epic views (of which we certainly experienced in Colorado) but we also spent a significant amount of time in the Denver, CO airport. I grabbed my Lensbaby Edge35 and documented how we spent our time. Waiting…

Screens. For hours.


The bathrooms had the prettiest light and a view of the runway!
Lydia interviewed everyone on their favorite parts of the trip.
Soda. And more screens.
A little reflection with the Lensbaby OMNI Reflection wand.

Not pictured: Me watching my kids go up and down the escalators for entertainment. Walking up and down the concourse no less than 50 times. Napping on the sofas. Endless snacks. Lydia losing her earbud and us literally tearing apart the sofas to find it. People movers and people watching.

Oh, and because you might be curious what we actually experienced in Colorado…

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I’m honored to be a Lensbaby Ambassador. Please ask any questions you might have and use my code wwillson for 10% off their website!


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