Pink: Breast Cancer Awareness

August brought my 40th birthday and with all of my children in school for the first time, I made my health a priority and scheduled an “annual checkup” (that hadn’t occurred for a few years…). Upon examination, the physician found a lump. So I quickly went from a “routine” to a “diagnostic” mammogram with ultrasound scheduled with a sense of urgency. When the doctor entered the room after my ultrasound I knew that it wasn’t simply a “cyst” as previously mentioned to me. This moveable lump had blood flow which meant it required further diagnostic tests. Less than a week later I found myself back at the women’s center for an ultrasound-guided biopsy. And then I waited with prayer and hope. This process left me vulnerable and a bit embarrassed to ask others for support. Yet, I was shown that authentically sharing my weakness and fear led to a sense of encouragement, love, and God’s presence.

Thankfully, the results indicated that this is a fibroadenoma, a non-cancerous lump. I share this abbreviated portion of my recent experience to encourage each woman to take the time to make your health a priority. And if you have a woman in your life, please encourage her to make the appointment. However seemingly unpleasant and unnerving it may be, your health, your life is so worth it!

My neighbor and friend invited me to join her at this lovely local flower field for a little macro therapy. I couldn’t just choose 6 this month. ❤


I am part of a group of photographers, Share Six, who blog 6 images on the 6th of each month with unique monthly themes. Next up is the extremely talented Lynne of Lynne Grant Photography

Please click HERE for her interpretation of this month’s theme. Then, follow around the circle for even more beauty and creativity. ❤

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