Orange / Purple

This month Share Six decided to focus on the awareness of a condition close to our founder’s heart. Her daughter-in-law suffers from this often “silent” disease.
Psoriatic arthritis is a type of inflammatory arthritis that occurs in some patients with psoriasis. This particular arthritis can affect any joint in the body, and symptoms vary from person to person. Research has shown that persistent inflammation from psoriatic arthritis can lead to joint damage. Please see the end of this post for more information on life with Psoriatic arthritis. 
So for those who suffer here are a bit of orange and purple to remind us all, there is hope.

I am part of a group of photographers, Share Six, who blog 6 images on the 6th of each month with unique monthly themes.  Next up is the talented,  Lynne of Lynne Grant Photography.  Please click HERE for her interpretation of this month’s theme. Then, follow around the circle for even more beauty and creativity. ❤

Join us for this month’s theme by posting your Orange or Purple (or both!) images on our Facebook page at Share Six  and to our Instagram gallery, by tagging #sharesix and #sharesix_orange_purple.  A new theme will be posted on May 6th.


This month we are highlighting Psoriatic Arthritis. This is a silent and debilitating autoimmune disease. The arthritis causes painful inflammation of the joints and the psoriasis causes random outbreaks of inflamed and often times painful raw skin outbreaks. Psoriatic Arthritis causes intense fatigue, can affect the eyes and hearing. Common symptoms are nail dystrophy and mood swings. In addition PSA can also adversely affect the heart, cause obesity, swelling and metabolic syndrome, along with diabetes and inflammatory bowel disease. Day to day living varies from good days, to bad days, to days when getting out of bed is not an option. Relief does not come easy. Medications may or may not work. It is trial and error to find the balance, along with having to deal with a medical system that makes you wait. If you know of someone suffering with an autoimmune disease try to come alongside them. Understand that some days they will want to do things with you, and other days they will not. Some days they will be in a good mood, and other days they may snap at you. Some days the brain fog makes you think that they are not interested in your conversation. Just remember that we do not understand the pain that they are going through because most of the time we cannot see the effects of this silent disease.



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