Well, you can’t quite classify our little South-Central PA town as “urban” but our downtown is pretty cool. Despite living here the majority of my life taking a stroll with the crew always leads to discovering something new. 2018-5-Blog-50992018-5-Blog-51042018-5-Blog-51142018-5-Blog-51202018-5-Blog-51232018-5-Blog-51432018-5-Blog-5164

I am part of a group of photographers, Share Six, who blog 6 images on the 6th of each month with unique monthly themes.  Next up is the talented Katherine of Cobert Photography. Please click HERE for her interpretation of this month’s theme. Then, follow around the circle for even more beauty and creativity. ❤

Join us for this month’s theme by posting your Urban images on our Facebook page at Share Six  and to our Instagram gallery, by tagging #sharesix and #sharesix_urban.  A new theme will be posted on June 6th.



5 thoughts on “Urban

  1. I agree with Ceri and Nicola – you have amazing light in these images. I love the details of the peeling wood in the second image and the amazing shadows in the last image. Great share this month Thank you.

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