One of the incredible opportunities of engaging in online photography communities over the past year has been the inspiration that develops through challenges. Over the past month, two of the groups of which I am a part, encouraged us to “experiment” in light and technique. One such technique is using a small copper pipe to create the “ring of fire.” The effect is achieved by holding the piping up to the lens while shooting toward the sun and rotating it a bit to catch light rings.

These are my first 2 attempts which both happen to involve children and water (what was I thinking!?!?!). As you’ll see from the link above, more stationary objects/people would be preferable, particularly during this learning and experimenting stage. However, the results are unique and add a bit of flare and wonder and framing to the images. So here’s my take on “GOLD” 🙂

The final time at Grammy’s pool for the summer. 2016-9-15-blog-06632016-9-15-blog-06752016-9-15-blog-06912016-9-15-blog-0719

Yes, my crazy husband shooting water at me. He does actually know how much my gear costs but you wouldn’t know it by his actions – HA! and EEEEK! 2016-9-15-blog-07222016-9-15-blog-0725

Backyard birthday party involving lots and lots of water…2016-9-15-blog-1097

Lydia found it extremely entertaining to rip water balloons apart with her teeth. 😉 2016-9-15-blog-11232016-9-15-blog-11262016-9-15-blog-11272016-9-15-blog-1128

And finally, a garden-orb selfie. 2016-9-15-blog-1137

And I’d love if you’d share your favorite “ring of fire” images and/or thoughts about this technique in the comments! ❤

This post is part of the Artist Inspired Blog Circle series. Follow the links for more amazing visions of the theme, “Gold.” Next up is Kristi James Photography – enjoy the beauty she has shared.

The Artists Inspired Blog Circle is made up of an exceptionally talented group of photographers from all walks of life, from all over the world. They are wives, mothers, friends, daughters and visual storytellers who draw from their own experiences to create art that is inspiring, unique, beautiful and thought-provoking.



25 thoughts on “Gold

  1. Gorgeous images, Elizabeth! I have yet to try this technique and really want to. I love each of your images but the one of your hubby shooting water at you is absolutely priceless and add in that framing of the ‘ring of fire’, it’s pure perfection! Awesome job! Jenn- Pretty Pixels Photography

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