Photowalk in the capital

I couldn’t have asked for a cooler (although quite the opposite in temperature!) inaugural photowalk street photography experience! I am thankful for the opportunity to share it with my online turned real-life fellow photographer and friend, Liz. Immediately my heart knew she was just as sweet in person as she was online and we hit the ground running. This type of photography takes some guts. I began quite paranoid (that people were wondering what the hay I was doing!) but that fear quickly subsided as I felt the confidence  and energy of Liz filling me and pushing me. I also had moments where I thought, “I have no clue what I’m doing right now! What should I do with what I’m seeing and experiencing!?!” Again, Liz’s initial words, “Just keep shooting” kept me moving.

I didn’t really have a “vision” of what or how I’d shoot during this day. After I uploaded and viewed the photos I messaged Liz and remarked, “It’s interesting: As I’m scrolling through my images I’m noticing that I am definitely drawn more to the ones with people in them. I guess that’s the ‘documentary/lifstyle’ in me. I’m also left pondering… ‘What story does this image tell? What are the people feeling and thinking and doing?'”

Perhaps one of the best parts of the morning was simply sharing life: photography life, mom life, friend life, struggling life, silly life, joy life, light life. And parted with soul connection and encouragement with a huge dose of inspiration.

So walk with me through Mid-town Harrisburg. And then walk alongside Liz to share a unique perspective of a shared adventure.

2016-8-15 - Street - Blog-9295

2016-8-15 - Street - Blog-9297

2016-8-15 - Street - Blog-9302

2016-8-15 - Street - Blog-9304

2016-8-15 - Street - Blog-9312

2016-8-15 - Street - Blog-9322

2016-8-15 - Street - Blog-9326

Liz & Liz the dynamic duo! 2016-8-15 - Street - Blog-9327

This may be my favorite shot of the walk. The reflections, the movement, the people, the story, the depth…2016-8-15 - Street - Blog-9334

Took respite from the heat in this amazing coffee/book shop.

2016-8-15 - Street - Blog-93362016-8-15 - Street - Blog-93372016-8-15 - Street - Blog-93402016-8-15 - Street - Blog-93472016-8-15 - Street - Blog-93542016-8-15 - Street - Blog-9365

So we were both a bit obsessed with this man. So intriguing. Which then prompted a discussion about grandparents and aging. I just adore how images can spark reflection, connection, history, and stories that touch the heart. ❤

2016-8-15 - Street - Blog-93802016-8-15 - Street - Blog-93812016-8-15 - Street - Blog-93822016-8-15 - Street - Blog-93842016-8-15 - Street - Blog-93872016-8-15 - Street - Blog-93932016-8-15 - Street - Blog-94042016-8-15 - Street - Blog-94092016-8-15 - Street - Blog-94192016-8-15 - Street - Blog-94242016-8-15 - Street - Blog-94252016-8-15 - Street - Blog-94342016-8-15 - Street - Blog-94362016-8-15 - Street - Blog-94382016-8-15 - Street - Blog-94402016-8-15 - Street - Blog-94462016-8-15 - Street - Blog-94482016-8-15 - Street - Blog-94492016-8-15 - Street - Blog-9458

We were seeking shade and cool. Unfortunately these buildings weren’t air conditioned. Boo! So we sweated and shot and chatted.

I switched over to my Lensbaby here… The colors and texture were so vibrant!

2016-8-15 - Street - Blog-94652016-8-15 - Street - Blog-94692016-8-15 - Street - Blog-94712016-8-15 - Street - Blog-94722016-8-15 - Street - Blog-94732016-8-15 - Street - Blog-94772016-8-15 - Street - Blog-94782016-8-15 - Street - Blog-94802016-8-15 - Street - Blog-94842016-8-15 - Street - Blog-9486


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