30 Minutes in the Life

I have been blessed by being chosen as the “Featured Artist” at Journey to Artist this month. As part of this honor, I have the opportunity to join with some amazing artists to share a “30 Minutes in the Life” blog post. Please visit the next artist in the circle, Angie Trujillo / Pensacola, Florida, and give her some love ❤

This is the follow-up to a previous post – took the kids for a stroll on the Cross Country Course adjacent to their school. Of course, the playground was calling, so we hopped over there for a little free time as the sun set. I had switched to my Lensbaby lens and enjoyed the challenge of manually focusing moving children <3. The results: art and joy and movement and childhood.


Please see more of my work and follow me on Facebook and Flickr. And now visit Angie Trujillo / Pensacola, Florida and continue on through the rest of the talented artists in the circle. ❤


11 thoughts on “30 Minutes in the Life

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  2. I am so glad you could blog with us this month and congratulations on being the Featured Artist. I love the light in your images and the Lensbaby photos. I have one as well and I am really enjoying using it.
    The silhouette on the swing is beautiful.


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